WALTZ HERO: Interactive dance floor for Vienna Tourism Board|2011
Interactive dance floor for teaching the Viennese Waltz. In cooperation with Vienna Tourism Board, Jung von Matt/Donau and Strukt Design Studio.

When the Vienna Tourism Board promotes its city as a travel destination in foreign countries, they always put a spin on their presentation. Hoping to achieve a certain broadcast and social media buzz, they asked Strukt via Jung von Matt/Donau to realize an interactive dance floor. The visitors in a shopping mall should get a chance to learn to dance the Viennese Waltz, so that they are prepared when they decide to travel to Vienna – because one never knows when a charming Wiener may invite one to dance. Using an LED floor, which was delivered by a local partner in Barcelona, and cutting-edge tracking technology provided by this.play, the team created outstanding interactive installation that was later also shown at Zurich, Hauptbahnhof.


Client Vienna Tourism Board
Agency Jung von Matt/Donau
Producer Gregor Hofbauer
Technical Director Thomas Hitthaler
Programmer Robi Hammerle
Creative Director Andreas Koller
Designer Jan Hoogeveen

Additional Credits

Tracking Technology this.play
On Location Support Emanuel Andel, Antony Rayzhekov
Agency Creatives (Idea & Concept)
Christoph Gaunersdorfer,
Robert Schrotthofer, Jonathan Schröder