Experiencing brands even when shops are closed

Experiencing brands even when shops are closed. Imagine passing by a shop window at night. As you use gestures, what you see in it and hear from it changes, because the shop window is having a one-on-one conversation with only – you.

Product features

TP. WINDOW unit consists of:
– projector, 3D sensor, computer unit
– parts are assembled in a unique, innovative, simple cube
– interaction triggered by touching or moving though the shop-window
– easy installation, usage and content management

Possibilites are endless

TP.WINDOW is revolutionizing the shop window by adding a human element which makes the hearts of many shopping enthusiasts beat faster. Shopping becomes an experience, customers become curious. With the help of a hologram projection, passersby can experience product and brand-specific content in a playful way, and are simultaneously entertained – your brand is alive any time of night and day.

Sensors capture the position and movements of the viewer and therefore navigate through the contents offered through the use of gestures. Advertising elements similar to the product placement are built into the action or process. The specific content can be adapted precisely to the existing requirements. What has been known to be the standard for a long time on the Internet is now also present in pedestrian passages and shopping centers – so far, no products have been presented this attractively.