When technology hits the spot

Magic mirrors are truly magic. It’s beautiful how they mix science, human intuition, entertainment, emotion, personalization…even a dialog with an expert. They are considered game-changers, simply because – they are meaningful to consumers.

Product features

TP.MIRROR unit consists of:
– 4K Ultra HD TV mounted in portray format and a transparent mirror
– camera situated in the middle scanning the room in time-of flight method identifying human body
– computer where data is being processed adapting the clothing 3D model to the body position and movement

Revolution in your dressing room

Our TP.MIRROR system is capable of measuring sizes and proportions and therefore enables users estimate fitting accuracy of clothes. Furthermore, users get suggestions for the size that fits them best. The mirror can be used for tailor-made clothing, whereby the 3D model automatically adapts to the user’s proportions. The input methods are variable. The user can make his/her selection via web interface on a tablet, but RFID readers, i.e. barcodes, can also be used for the content of the database. The Mirror also generates social media content.