How can our solutions help you?

You’re on the lookout for a professional partner to create immersive and virtual spaces? Do you want to transform your display window or entire rooms into digital surfaces, turn your exhibition space into an interactive educational path? You’re looking for solutions in the field of interface design, augmented and virtual reality? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Our forte is using our diverse team of designers and artists to develop exact spatial and display concepts for your company. In terms of motion-activated environments, spatial game interfaces, all the way to façades that come to life through media, we are the frontrunner and leading point of contact.

We will assist you from the first draft to the technical implementation to realise your wishes and expectations. We advise you professionally, develop your ideas based on
individual solutions or on completely conceptualised all-in packages, and also implement these in a technically customised way.


Everything else is forbidden

A multimedia event that feels like a fantasy movie? No problem!

For openings, launch events, clubbings or exhibitions, we always have more than just one ace up our sleeve.


AR Games and signage

A customised AR experience for every business: By gamifying shopping, we make use of all the customers’ senses – and turn simple shopping into an adventure in augmented reality!

Our retail packages were specially designed for shopping
centres and selected flagship stores


Digital Surfaces

We make every surface into a touchscreen. On the other hand, our TP.WALL makes every surface a controllable touchscreen with minimum effort. Regardless of whether it’s a wall, a table, a floor, or a façade – we enable the elegant transformation of any interface into an interactive display with the TP.WALL.

No matter the size, angle, or composition – we make every surface operable in no time.


Media technology makes space

The whole building lights up the night sky! We make buildings shine!

Our passion and expertise lies in merging the harmonious movement of virtual worlds with real space.

In the course of this, we also explore technical
options to accentuate a building in the cityscape.


Imagination in Action

You want a multimedia event to look like a fantasy movie, but only for a few days? Not a problem!

For openings, launch events, or clubs, we always have more than just one ace up our sleeve.


Art and marvels of technology

We go beyond the freedom of art, how we think about and experience
technology – how we playfully design the real space through interaction and thereby experience it anew.