We develop new ways to tell our clients' stories and turn them into an experience.

We develop new ways to tell our clients’ stories and turn them into an experience.

Immersive exhibitions and performances, digitally enhanced data visualisations and information design – with interactive storytelling we encourage the participation of your audience and reach new, emotionally sustainable levels of communication.

With our team of designers, architects and artists, we develop precise and innovative space and media concepts for companies and cultural institutions.
From the concept to the technical implementation, THISPLAY helps its clients to realise their wishes and ideas with creativity and flair.


We transform exhibition spaces into interactive worlds of experience.
Immersive spaces and user interaction create a new dialogue between visitors, content and technology.

From digitally enhanced exhibitions to virtual reality events: we create information design of the future.


Digitally enhanced shopping experiences: With gamification of shopping and digital guidance systems, we engage all the senses of the customer and turn shopping into an augmented reality adventure!

Our retail packages are specially developed for shopping malls and flagship stores. AR Games populate every shop floor with amazing 3D creatures and increase engagement with the location. The smartphone serves as a window into another world where you can explore and experience the shop in a new way.


Interactive walls, floors, tables and facades – with us, every surface becomes an interface.

Digital information and games seem to merge seamlessly with the physical space and visitors interact without the barrier of classic control devices, but with natural gestures and touches.

Our solutions turn any architecture – regardless of size, angle or texture – into a controllable touchscreen without much effort.


Media technology opens new spaces. We raise architecture to a new level and make buildings shine.

Our focus is to bring media technology and architecture into a weightless dialogue for the eye, and to bring out the full strengths of both areas.

We explore architectural features and artistically respond to the character of buildings. We seamlessly merge virtual worlds with real space.


For events, openings and festivities, we create media-enhanced spaces and experiences which will amaze your guests.

Interactive projection mappings, audio-visual stage designs and breathtaking visuals in the club – we create unforgettable audience experiences with the highest technological and artistic approach.


We develop impressive media installations and performances in the sphere of friction between art, design and technologies.

In our process we are always looking for new solutions to expand human perception through media. We always understand seeing, hearing and feeling in an intimate interaction with technologies and create a harmonious interplay.

Our digital technologies open up new possibilities. With interactive media sculptures, artistic projection mappings or audiovisual shows, we use our technical know-how to break boundaries with the freedom of art.