We are a creative studio and emergent engineering lab based in Vienna,

but feel at home (seeking the best ideas) all over the world.
Our passion and aspiration is to combine interactive technologies with the highest artistic quality. That’s why we always incorporate the most exciting aspects from different backgrounds into our process.

When our programmers huddle up with artists and put their ideas together, not only do the sparks fly, but tangible works of art come about. Our team of VR specialists, media designers, architects, and artists has been creating unique display solutions, interactive spaces, futuristic showrooms, media sculptures, and even AR games that go far beyond common game formats since 2010.

In our minds, every surface and architecture offers exciting prospects to turn them into an unforgettable event. As already mentioned: We do magic!



Email: office@this-play.comTel: +43 (0) 1 969 16 43