A customised AR experience for every business:

By gamifying shopping, we make use of all the customers’ senses – and turn simple shopping into an adventure in augmented reality! Our retail packages were specially designed for shopping centres and selected flagship stores.

AR games populate all business premises with amazing 3D creatures and
immensely increase people’s identification withthe location.

Smartphone: A window into the world of shopping

Your smartphone serves as a window into another world, in which one can re-explore and design the shop anew.

Our TP.RETAIL products use the space threefold: Firstly, customers are motivated to return through constructive games and are rewarded with credits. Secondly, in the course of the game, the visitors are – depending on their individual game and shopping habits – made aware of new brands and products. And thirdly, the app serves as a digital control system of the premises.

All these parts are included in the TP.RETAIL complete package and are tailored to your venue. 😉