VAME | Automated Media Engine

Cooperation – Weholo Funded by – Wirtschaftsagentur Wien

Create your viral fame with a fully automated process and high quality content.

VAME is a modular app system for adventure, sports and leisure parks.
An all-in-one guest engagement platform that enhances visitor engagement – before, during and after their visit.

The VAME camera system automatically records videos of your guests, edits them and adds your branding. The action-packed clips stage your experiences spectacularly and encourage your guests to share the individual videos on social media.

The visitors experience your venue in a new way with exciting and practical augmented reality applications and gamification. Group challenges and digital leaderboards encourage a rematch and personalised digital souvenirs invite you to remember, share and come again.

From entry to return, VAME’s modular app system enables a complete customer journey. Ticketing, RFID access, navigation, news and direct communication with your guests via push messages. Real-time data enables new insights into your guests’ wishes and helps to optimise your venue.