VAME | Automated Media Engine

Developed in partnership with Weholo

Supported by Wirtschaftsagentur Wien

VAME Website

Create your viral fame.

VAME is a modular app system for venues, adventure, sports and leisure parks. Users automatically receive videos of their experiences, real-time data such as speeds, location-based content and navigation or augmented reality interactions. The marketing tool provides a digital extension of the venue’s offering and helps to achieve viral fame with high-quality content.

The system automatically records videos of the guests, edits them and adds the venue’s branding. In the app, guests can share the spectacular content directly on social media platforms. Guests become brand ambassadors. With VAME, personal adventures are perfectly staged, the experience goes viral, the venue becomes VAMEous!

Action-packed videos, gamification, group challenges, augmented reality highlights, selfie stations or practical navigation functions – the options in the modular app are limitless!

VAME is the tool to enhance your experience and digitise your venue.