Sun Plaza | AR Shopping

Concept and realisation: Thisplay
Client: Sun Plaza
App Development: Svarmony

True shopping treasures

Shopping 2.0 – that is the SunPlaza AR Shopping Mall App. As a mixture of AR treasure hunt, navigation support and news portal, a virtual application was developed that makes innovation tangible. We developed an augmented reality experience for the SunPlaza Shopping Mall in Bucharest that increases the length of stay of visitors, enables a better understanding of their wishes and supports shopping in an entertaining way on every visit.

Aided by 85 beacons installed in various shops, visitors can digitally expand their shopping experience via smartphone. The app has all the information about events, news or current movies, while a virtual treasure hunt leads customers across the entire mall.

Mutual benefits, virtual coins can be collected and exchanged for vouchers. Users enjoy an exciting shopping experiences they benefit from successful treasure hunts, thus entering shops that they would normally never visit and find their way around the stores much easier.

Best Retail Cases Award 2020