Similarities | MQ Art Box

Client – MuseumsQuartier Wien Cooperation – Alex KassesHardware development – Michael Wallinger und Stefano D'AlessioCurators – Stephan Rabl & Klaus KrobathPhotos – Igor Ripak

Interactive Installation for the opening of the MQ Libelle.

The silhouette of the MQ Libelle was placed in a permanent state of suspension by THISPLAY in collaboration with Alex Kasses. The MQ Libelle is a space of possibilities, static and dynamic at the same time, in permanent transformation by its viewers.

The work “SIMILARITIES” transforms the MQ Art Box into an interactive luminous body whose content changes depending on the visitors’ behaviour towards each other and the installation. While the form resembles a dragonfly, the lighting is in opposition: dynamic transparent forms become abstract textures, physically impossible views are created. Never the same and in constant change, a space of infinite possibilities opens up.