Cycleenergy | Pellets Production Presentation

Client – CycleenergyCooperation – Georg Schober

The manufacturing process staged as a fascinating light theatre – everything but a classic tour!

Cycleenergy stands for sustainable, regionally produced heating pellets. We were asked to bring the process, from the pressing of the chips to the finished product, to life. We staged the process in the factory hall, creating the impression of a cybernetic light theatre.

The different machines are literally put in the ‘best light’: each step of the production chain is accompanied by choreographed lighting and presented in a comprehensible and effective way for the visitors. The lighting is controlled via a touch screen in the presentation room, which allows visitors to look into the production hall through a window front. One touch is enough to illuminate the desired part of the plant.

The automated presentation system turns the dry production process into an illuminating spectacle for curious visitors, and every step in the process into a highlight!

AustriacusAward 2019