LED Illumination controlled by Interactive Infographics.

Client: cycleenergy in gerat cooperation with Georg Schober

The crafting process as a fascinating light theatre – everything but a traditional tour!

Cycleenergy stands for sustainable, regionally produced heating pellets. We were asked to bring the entire process – from the compression of the pellets to the finished product – to life. That’s why we decided to stage the process in the workshop like a cybernetic light theatre.

Here, the individual machines are shown in their proverbial best light: Each and every step of the production chain is accompanied by choreographed lighting and presented to the visitor in a comprehensible and spectacular manner. The lighting is controlled via a touchscreen in the neighbouring room – one touch is enough to illuminate the specific part of the system.

The automated presentation system turned the dry process into an illuminating extravaganza for inquisitive visitors – and every single step is a highlight!