Real Time Data Visualization

Client: ÖAMTC in gerat cooperation with Nofrontiere

A media sculpture in the lobby that will amaze visitors.

Data visualisation at the proverbial highest level! We created a media sculpture at the ÖAMTC head office that impressively shows all fleet operations in real time. The unique display system visualises the company’s operations on an area of 80 m2 – the data track of the ÖAMTC fleet is reproduced in the form of dynamic animations along the specially developed “Big Data Spine”.

These animations not only offer employees a live overview of vehicle movements, but also allow visitors to enjoy a multimedia event. We could rave about the technical sophistication behind the media sculpture with real-time mapping forever and a day.

Just try and wrap your mind around this: The THISPLAY “Big Data Spine” plays the processed data feeds in real time on the 5K screens with up to 1 million particles.