ÖAMTC | Big Data Spine

Client – ÖAMTC Cooperation – Nofrontiere

Real Time Data Visualisation – a multi-storey media sculpture that amazes visitors and staff in the ÖAMTC lobby.

Data visualisation at the proverbial highest level! For the ÖAMTC headquarters, we created a media sculpture that impressively visualises all of the fleet’s operations in real time. The unique display system spreads the activities of the ÖAMTC over an area of 80 m2. The data tracks of the fleet are visualised as dynamic animations along the specially developed “Big Data Spine”.

These not only provide employees with a live overview of vehicle movements, but also offer visitors a multimedia event as they enter the building.

The technical sophistication behind the “Big Data Spine” enables the visualisation of the processed data feed in real time with up to 1 million particles on the 5K screens.

German Design Award 2020