M.A.R.S. Festival 2018 | Holographic Stage Design

Client – Festival M.A.R.S. Composer – Genoël von Lilienstern, Katharina Rosenberger, Ying Wang Location – The Vortex, Los Angeles

Unique holographic effects at the M.A.R.S Festival 2018.

Performance, composition, philosophy and visualisation – the M.A.R.S Festival is a global hub of collaboration between various art forms.

With the transformable stage design, we made it possible for composers and performers to use the scenery in different ways. Close cooperation with the artists and cultural workers was of key concern to us, because one of our greatest passions is to enable artistic freedom with our interactive, technical developments.

For the M.A.R.S Festival in Los Angeles, we created a holographic stage show in which Point Cloud animations organically connect with the actors on stage. Via semi-transparent screens, virtual reality becomes an impressive element of the show.

Harmoniously coordinated with performers and music, the stage show is naturally changeable and becomes a work of art in itself.