Unparalleled holographic effects for stage shows and artists!

The M.A.R.S Festival is a global hub for the collaboration of various art forms – performance, composition, philosophy, and visualisation. It was especially exciting to create a THISPLAY stage show for this festival that both composers and performers could use. A special feature of this setup is the close collaboration with the composers, because one of our passions is allowing the artistic freedom in such interdisciplinary projects to flow For the M.A.R.S in Los Angeles, a holographic stage show was created in which organic point-cloud animations were joined with the real actors on stage. Semi-transparent screens make virtual reality an additional element of the show. Harmoniously tuned to human beings and music, the stage show can not only be used in multifarious ways, but is also a work of art in itself. (For example, one of the elements builds on a short story by Borges, in which an archetypal figure is created live on stage.) Not only do our screens create amazing effects, they also open up new interactive possibilities for musicians and performers. That’s enough talking for now… you simply have to see it for yourself!