Touchwall Installation and Magic Mirror

Sci-Fi at the Launch Event: Hands-free 3D navigation creates astonishing effects! Forget laser pointers and PowerPoint.

The products in the KTM showroom speak for themselves and are already an eye-catcher, but in terms of presentation technology, there was a lot more that could be done! Now you can navigate the new, virtually supplemented showroom like you’re in a science fiction film, simply by using gestures.

You can control screens, lighting, or music through movement, and now scroll hands-free through the product range. You can showcase the respective product from all sides in the 360° mode on the TP.WALL. During the presenter’s keynote, the visitors tried on different outfits virtually. Visitors can actually see themselves wearing different helmets or apparel in the TP.MIRROR – like magic, the clothes are placed on the customer. The magic mirror even allows complete transformations into mythical creatures or avatars.