Bodymapping Performance | MQ Libelle

Performance: Thisplay

Composition: Peter Kollreider

Choreography: Sara De Santis

Dancers: Alberto Cissello, Bianca Anne Braunesberger, Claudia Fuernholzer

Performance Space: MQ Libelle

Fotos: eSeL

The Performance

The performance in 3 acts deals with the creation of new spaces. From the point, the determining element, with a dancer accompanied by a (mono) composition, to the line, which represents the plan and is reflected in 2 perfomers and the stereo music, to the surface, which spans the space. The surface can be recognised in polygon representations and 3 performers, while the space is played by stroboscopes and a 4-channel composition.

The curtain

An abstract, digital installation covers the wall like a curtain of light. By moving, the spectators become an ephemeral part of the artwork.