We think beyond conventions and everyday life.

We go beyond the freedom of art, how we think about and experience technology – how we playfully design the real space through interaction and thereby experience it anew.

Digital technologies are not only practical, they also have unimaginable potential for poetic interventions.

Art and marvels of technology

We develop amazing media installations and shows through the
interplay of art, technology, and design.

In our concepts, we trace audio-visual, experiential worlds and strive to find new solutions to broaden human perception through media. Gestures create the space all around, and this space has always been designed through the interplay of human beings and machines.

Our understanding of the world is always soundly interwoven with the technologies that we have created. First, we make tools, and then these tools make us, as Nietzsche said.

Thinking, seeing, and feeling in an intimate interaction with our technologies and a harmonious interplay is central to interdisciplinary projects.