We make buildings shine!

Our passion and expertise lies in merging
the harmonious movement of virtual worlds with real space. In the course of this, we also explore technical options  to accentuate a building in the cityscape.

How can one make a large, already existing structure into a
spectacular media façade through projection mapping or an LED system?

By gaining access to larger spaces, we initially explore the architectural environment, allowing us to artistically respond to the character of the building.

Media technology makes space 

To fully exploit the potential of both areas, we believe that architecture and media technologies must enter into a partnership on equal footing.

Our philosophy is that spatial architecture and media technology should get into a weightless dialogue. Everything else is just wallpaper and lighting.

Your building still has unexplored possibilities of being made into a medially extended space – for example, to add a dimension of movement to the spatial effect or to let your headquarter shine in new splendour in the cityscape.

We don’t think about structural requirements and extended space as separate, but fully highlight the strengths of both together