THIS.PLAY is setting new standards in interaction
THIS.PLAY opens an entire spectrum of new forms of presentation, communication, stagings, games, and tools for your project. By closely analyzing the project's requirements, we develop an exclusive, customized solution, and tailor the innovative added value of THIS.PLAY Interaction Systems, to your specific needs. The result is unique interactions enhancing your installation, performance or business presentation.

We are very happy to meet with you, and together, build a comprehensive, interactive and technical concept with a clear, time/cost layout.

Buying or renting?
Whether you'd like to test and get to know the platform, or if you wish to use THIS.PLAY for a specific event, we offer several options. The hardware components of THIS.PLAY Interaction Systems can be rented, while the software is provided under a flexible licensing model suited to the specific needs of your project.

Business Development
While working on THIS.PLAY Innovations, we have developed an extensive and unique know-how regarding the state of the art market for multi-touch surfaces. We are happy to share our ideas for a business partnership or derivative projects.